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What are the hazards of steroids?

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The scientific name for steroids is called "adrenal cortex." Normal human adrenal glands secrete a certain amount of steroids every day to maintain normal physiological functions in the body, such as regulating blood sugar, protein, fat, and electrolyte metabolism. It is an important hormone essential for life.
Clinically, steroids are good drugs, and they can be widely used to treat many intractable diseases, namely special diseases, including: cancer, cerebral edema, chronic lung disease, rheumatism, asthma, lungs in premature infants. Mature, skin disease, shock, sepsis, meningitis, etc., almost to the point where disease is not available; and it does alleviate many symptoms and temporarily relieve the symptoms, so it wins the name of "Xiandan" Therefore, it is inevitable that some unscrupulous medical personnel are abusing various diseases.
It is well known that Chinese people like to take medicine to supplement themselves. However, any medicine has its hidden side effects, and it can never be purchased by itself. The side effects of steroids are also numerous, including causing stomach bleeding, easy infection, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, growth retardation, moon face (edema), edema, increased acne, and the like.
The public needs to be alert to the unknown powder, black pills, even incense ash, sacred water, etc. Therefore, in the past experience, the supplements or finished medicines were the most tested to contain steroids. Because steroids are prescribed by doctors, prescriptions can be opened after a doctor's consultation, and patients can be used, so pharmacies are not free to display and sell.
Steroids are not a "poison" that can't be avoided. Of course, it should not be used as a "Xiandan" to cure diseases. Especially for short-term use, it is not prone to side effects, but if it is used in large quantities and for a long time, there are There may be many bad problems.


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