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What are the consequences of the abuse of steroidrs?

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Consequences of anabolic steroids abuse: The abuse of steroids can have many side effects. It can cause acne, acne, and enlarged breasts in men; it can pose a threat to life when it is severe, such as heart disease and liver cancer. Most of the side effects can be reversed if stopped in time, but some side effects are permanent.
The vast majority of data on the side effects of steroids on the human body comes from case reports. It can be seen from these case reports that the harm caused by steroids to human health has not been deeply understood. From the animal research data, it is concluded that the lives of people using steroids are not long.

Steroids severely damage the body's hormonal system. Steroids severely disrupt the production of normal hormones in the body, causing reversible or irreversible physical changes. Recoverable physical changes include the amount of semen and testicular shrinkage; irreversible physical changes include male hormone failure and enlarged breasts.
In the investigation of some male bodybuilders, most of their testicles have shrunk and their breasts have increased due to the destruction of their hormonal system. The survey of female bodybuilders found that they tend to be masculine, mainly in breast changes. Small, body fat is significantly reduced, the skin becomes very rough, the clitoris increases, the sound becomes lower, the body hair increases, and the hair becomes less. If you continue to use it, then some side effects will not be recovered at all.

Skeletal muscle
Steroids severely damage the skeletal muscle system. Growing testosterone and other sex hormones can make adolescents grow very fast. However, when the hormone is at a certain level, it stops the bones from growing and never changes in height.

Steroids severely damage the cardiovascular system. Steroids can cause some cardiovascular diseases, such as heart disease and stroke. Because it can change the level of lipoproteins in the body (lipoproteins play a role in bringing cholesterol into the bloodstream). In particular, oral steroids can increase low-level lipoprotein levels, but lower the level of high-density lipoproteins, which can store lipids in the arteries and impede blood circulation. If the blood does not reach the heart normally, it will cause a heart attack; if the blood does not reach the brain properly, it will cause a stroke. In addition, steroids can cause blood to clot in blood vessels, severely hindering the normal flow of blood and destroying the normal blood supply to the heart muscle.

The effect of steroids on the liver. Steroids can cause tumors and blood cysts in the liver. If they rupture, it will cause visceral bleeding.
The effect of steroids on the skin. Steroids can cause large amounts of oil in acne, acne, concentrated cells, hair and skin.

Steroids can trigger a range of infectious diseases. Many steroid users do not have certain hygienic conditions and injection techniques or share needles with others. In addition, some steroids are unsanitary at the time of production. These factors can pose a great threat to the lives of users. Such as HIV and hepatitis B, hepatitis C. In addition, users may also develop infective endocarditis, which causes the heart to have fatal inflammation and an abscess at the injection site.

The effect of steroids on human behavior. According to scientific studies, steroid users, especially high-dose users, are usually very irritable and have a strong tendency to violence.

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