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What is a steroid supplement?

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In the United States, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and androstenedione (Andro) are legally purchased in pharmacies and health food stores. Although they are not food, they are often used as a nutritional supplement because many people think they have steroids. Steroid supplements can be converted to male sex hormones (testosterone). But whether this conversion can produce a sufficient amount of sex hormones or whether it can cause muscle growth is unknown, so the side effects of steroid supplements are also unknown. But one thing is certain, if a lot of this supplement can increase testosterone levels in the body, then they will also produce the same side effects as anabolic steroids.

One of the main reasons is that it can improve the level of certain people in sports competitions. In competitive bodybuilders, the proportion of steroid abuse is very high! The abuse of steroids in other competitive events is also ubiquitous.
Another major cause is that steroids can increase muscle circumference or reduce body fat. This mainly refers to people with behavioral syndrome. They have a very distorted understanding of their bodies. Men will think that his physique is small, even if these men's physique is developed enough; and women will think that their body is too fat, even if these women are already slim enough.
There are also some people who abuse steroids who have been physically abused or sexually assaulted. These people try to make themselves stronger and protect themselves. In a series of surveys of male weightlifters, 25% of people who abused steroids were physically assaulted or sexually assaulted during their childhood. In a survey of female weightlifters, it was found that women who had been raped did not take steroids twice as much.
In addition, these raped women have worked hard on sports training afterwards. They believe that only a strong body can protect them from physical attacks, because this may make men seem to be very threatening and not attractive.
Finally, steroids are a proliferation of adolescents. These teenagers also often abuse alcohol, drive cars, and abuse other illegal drugs. But these teenagers are very normal when they first take illicit drugs.

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