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Side effects of human growth hormone HGH

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Overall, it is a very safe hormone drug for both men and women human growth hormone. It is a substance that your body produces. However, some side effects still exist. This includes edema at the joints such as the wrists and ankles, joint pain and headaches. Some people will have some symptoms similar to flu at the beginning of use, but they will disappear quickly. It can also cause carpal bone syndrome, which is usually due to the water reaction caused by high doses. Hypothyroidism due to insufficient secretion of thyroid hormones is also possible. These side effects can be controlled by using liothyronine CYTOMEL, also known as the T3 class of drugs. Some users may also experience nausea, dizziness, respiratory infections and skin paralysis. But the most common side effects are only minor edema, joint pain and headache. Finally, human growth hormone may cause an allergic reaction at the injection site. Usually there is a small agglomeration near the pinhole and itching. So you need to find the best place to inject. However, in fact, many people in the same part of the continuous injection has achieved good results, which is manifested by the improvement of local fat decomposition efficiency. Therefore, many male users will choose to inject the most fat.