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HGH is banned by the Olympic Committee and can only be tested as the most difficult stimulant.

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Human growth hormone (GH) can improve the physical strength and endurance of users. It has been used by many sportsmen since 1970. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) listed it as a prohibited drug as early as 1989. However, since the human body can produce growth hormone itself, it has always been difficult to determine whether athletes absorb this substance from outside. In addition, the traditional urine test can not effectively check the birth growth hormone, and even blood test, it is difficult to find its trace after taking a week. This trait of growth hormone also made it once known as the most difficult stimulant to detect in the world. It was not until November 2009 that the British Anti-Doping Organisation successfully detected that rugby player Terry Newton had used human growth hormone, which was the first time that the Anti-Doping Organisation had found that an athlete had taken human growth hormone, and Newton was sentenced to two years'suspension.

Bill Simmons, a well-known sports tongue, published an article on the relationship between North American sports and drug control in his personal column in February. In this article, he pointed out that drug control has become part of sports and denounced the laxity of drug testing in four major sports leagues. In the original article, he pointed out that "for coalitions or sports, they must consider the high testosterone levels of all the coalitions. In other words, the alliance allows you to inject a certain amount of HGH, as long as you don't go too far. It is possible that you have not carefully controlled the HGH index, which is nearly two times higher than usual. Guess what the results of the drug test are? You still have no problem, so you have to ask if you can improve your competitive level quickly in a short time and still be silent? For them, no problem.

Sports circles have been circulating such an old saying, "For stimulants, the detection of stimulants, can not find out the high-tech." No one knows how many athletes have taken growth hormone, but every time the major North American sports leagues try to tighten drug control, they are bound to be opposed by the players'associations. This phenomenon may be enough to explain some problems.