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Do you really inject insulin? I don't know about these three things.

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On this issue, sugar pals have some questions, "I have been injecting for so long, I will not inject it?" "The right injection can make the drug work. But if the injection method is incorrect, it will not only ineffective, but also bring unnecessary pain.
It is believed that insulin injectors have an insulin pen in their homes, which is actually a pen-type insulin syringe.
The characteristics of insulin pens are as follows:
1. Easy to control the dosage of insulin, there is a dosage adjustment button.
2. Easy to carry. The core of the pen can be replaced.
How to inject insulin correctly with insulin pen?
I don't know about these three things. The way you inject insulin may have been wrong all the time. Here are the following:
First, preparation before operation mainly includes the following five points:
1. Storage of insulin. Mainly divided into unsealed insulin pen core and insulin in use.
(1) For the unsealed insulin pen core, it should be stored in a refrigerator at 2-8 C for 2-3 years. When using this kind of pen core, it should be rewarmed at room temperature for half an hour before it can be used, otherwise it is easy to cause injection pain. Because, low-temperature drugs will have cold stimulation on the injection site, easy to cause injection pain.

(2) For insulin in use, it can be stored at room temperature for 28 days at a temperature not exceeding 30 C, without refrigeration. So after each insulin injection pen is completed, the needle is removed and stored at room temperature.
2. Wash hands before operation.
3. Validity period identification.
Before each injection, check the validity of the insulin pen core. If not, don't use the insulin pen core.

4. Check the quality of insulin pen core liquid.
(1) For the regular insulin pen core, the liquid should be clear and colorless. If the liquid is cloudy, thick, with color change or particulate matter, it should not be used.
(2) When a small crack appears in the glass bottle with insulin pen core, it may be collided during transportation, which may lead to deterioration of the liquid. Therefore, this step can not be omitted for the inspection of the quality of insulin pen core liquid.

5. Install pen core and needle.
(1) Take off the pen cap and rotate the insulin pen core frame to remove it.
(2) Install the pen core, push back the pen core frame and return to the pen core and install it.
(3) Disinfect the mouth of pen core with alcohol cotton swab and install needle.

II. Operational Processes
1. Pick up the pen with the needle pointed upward. If there are bubbles, tap the side wall of the pen to float the bubbles to the top and push the injection button upwards to remove the bubbles from the core.
2. If you use suspended insulin (medium-effect, suspended insulin), hold the pen core in your hand and shake it gently up and down. Shake to a uniform white suspension.
3. Choose the place where insulin is injected and sterilize it.
(1) Multi-site injection should be selected in turn. The injection points should be 2 cm apart from each other to avoid itching, pain and other discomfort.
(2) The suitable parts for insulin injection include abdomen, anterolateral thigh, lateral upper arm and 1/4 outside buttock.

4. After choosing the suitable injection site, disinfect the skin with alcohol.
(1) Pinch the epidermis and subcutaneous tissue (not including the muscular layer) with one hand. With the other hand, the needle is inserted vertically into the skin. The thumb is pressed at a right angle on the injection button and pushed down to the bottom.
(2) Continue to press the injection button and pull out the needle after about 6 seconds.
(3) Use a dry cotton swab to gently press the injection site for several seconds, not to rub.
If the needle is pulled out immediately after injection, because it takes a certain time for the liquid to be absorbed subcutaneously, there will be a drop of insulin on the needle tip, which will cause inaccurate measurement.
5. Remove the needle from the pen immediately after injection to avoid air entering the pen core and blockage of the needle. Needles should not be reused.

3. Some Skills to Reduce Injection Pain
1. Insulin at room temperature. Refrigerated insulin should be rewarmed for half an hour before it is used.
2. Bubbles in insulin should be expelled.
3. Wait until the alcohol evaporates before injecting.
4. Acupuncture should be done quickly.
5. When needling and pulling out needles, the direction should not be changed.
6. Muscles should be relaxed.
7. Replace the injection site. Multi-site injection in turn.
8. Needles should not be reused.