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If you don't sleep well, you will get fat. Do you know the reason? How to improve the quality of sleep?

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When sitting down, I feel sleepy and want to sleep, but once I lie in bed, I feel like beating chicken's blood. I am full of energy and spirit. Look at the play, brush the microblog, play games before realizing that it is already 2 o'clock in the middle of the night, but still feel that nothing has been done for a day.

The China Sleep Research Association says that more than 60% of the serious insomniacs are post-90s, and many post-90s self-mock themselves as autistic insomniacs.
There seems to be more and more insomnia crisis after 1990. The common symptoms are hair loss and obesity.
Why do you say that if you don't sleep well, you will get fat?

1. Sleep deprivation can interfere with metabolism

On the one hand, sleep deprivation leads to increased cortisol secretion, which leads to delayed muscle growth (excessive stress and diet also increase cortisol secretion).
On the other hand, sleep deprivation also inhibits the secretion of thyroid hormones and lowers the level of growth hormones. Thyroid hormone can improve nerve excitation and promote metabolism. Growth hormone is important for reducing fat or increasing muscle strength. It can accelerate the breakdown of fat.
2. Sleep deprivation will make you eat more

Some experiments have shown that overnight eating can lead to more food the next day.
This is because your leptin secretion decreases while auxin secretion increases. Leptin can remind you that you are full and full, whereas hungry hormone, on the contrary, suggests that you are hungry and should eat.
Note: Lack of leptin can make you fat, but that doesn't mean you can lose weight if you have more leptin.
The relationship between sleep and weight loss, in a word, a lot of sleep does not necessarily make you thin, but lack of sleep will make you fat.  Since sleep is so important, what can we do to improve sleep quality?

1. Keep the bedroom warm
The suitable sleep temperature is between 15 and 22 degrees Celsius, which can be ventilated and cooled by installing electric fans or opening windows in the room.
2. Keep dark and dark
Studies have shown that exposure to light before and during sleep reduces the secretion of melatonin, which affects sleep quality.
3. Shielding Noise
If the environment is noisy and out of your control, it will affect rest. You can use earplugs or white noise machines. White noise machines can help you suppress environmental noise and make it easier to fall asleep.