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Children are not tall enough. Can they be given growth hormone?

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With the improvement of the quality of life and the change of people's living style, more and more people are concerned about whether their height will affect the next generation. Yes, genes have a certain impact, but not absolutely. The acquired influence should not be neglected. There are also great differences in the age of development between men and women. In addition to individual differences, girls generally develop in about 12 to 16 years old. Men are generally about two years younger than girls, which is also called puberty. This is also a critical period for the height development of male and female students. It is important to ensure adequate nutrition and light.
If your child is unfortunately short, you should first rule out some symptoms, such as idiopathic short stature, cartilage disease, dwarfism, and other skeletal dysplasia. Secondly, we should not be fooled by some agencies to supplement the growth hormone in vivo. We should really understand the relationship between growth hormone and height.

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Some hormones in the hypothalamus only act on one kind of cells in the pituitary gland, such as growth hormone releasing hormone only acts on growth hormone cells, and others, such as thyrotropin releasing hormone, not only promote the secretion of thyrotropin, but also promote the secretion of prolactin. Somatostatin not only inhibits the secretion of growth hormone, but also inhibits thyroxine, insulin and glucagon.

The function of hypothalamus in childhood may be impaired by the following factors, such as neonatal cerebral hemorrhage, hypoxia, bacterial meningitis, birth injury, hydrocephalus, nuclear jaundice, craniocerebral radiotherapy, etc. In addition to pituitary and target gland diseases, hypothalamic diseases can also lead to temperature, appetite, sleep and emotional disorders, and various symptoms, thus affecting human height. Therefore, many people think that the main injection of growth hormone can supplement the insufficiency of endocrine, thus promoting growth and development, promoting growth and height.

In fact, this is a wrong idea. Growth hormone can stimulate the growth of articular cartilage and epiphyseal cartilage, which is the key to increase. However, the therapeutic effect of growth hormone depends on age, basic height, bone age, nutrition and genetic factors. It can only be helpful to some types of short stature, but only under the guidance of specialists can it be effective. Growth hormone does play a role in the increase of human body, but abuse of growth hormone can also bring great negative effects, and the body is secreted naturally, injected into the body to a large extent into other substances, absorption rate is greatly reduced. Once the growth hormone is abused, the closure time of human epiphysis will be accelerated.
So remind parents of Guangfa to use growth hormone cautiously and carefully.

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