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What foods can stimulate hGH secretion

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The energy, protein and amino acids needed for normal growth must be supplied by food, mainly meat, eggs, beans and legumes. Amino acids in food can stimulate the secretion of growth hormone.


1. Milk, milk protein has all kinds of amino acids necessary for human growth and development. It is recommended to eat more cheese and yogurt, and to avoid using milk-containing beverages instead of milk. Because the main ingredient of milk drinks is water.

2. Soybean products, peanuts and other foods rich in amino acids, except methionine. The rest are abundant. Especially the lysine content is high. This kind of protein has abundant amino acid content and comprehensive composition. It's called high quality protein. Soybean, in particular, is rich in calcium. It is an important source of human calcium.

3. Animal food, eggs, meat and fish contain relatively complete essential amino acids for human body. High nutritional value, rich in protein, should eat more. Protein in meat can stimulate the secretion of growth hormone in sleep, accelerate the metabolism of fat burning, especially young people can eat more protein food, help to break down excessive cholesterol.