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What about excessive insulin injection?

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After hypoglycemia symptoms occur, fingertip blood sugar should be measured quickly and sugary foods such as candy, sugar, candy juice or sugary drinks that absorb quickly should be eaten. Blood sugar should be measured 15 minutes later.

If hypoglycemia occurs for a long time (more than an hour) before the next meal, a small amount of slowly absorbed food, such as bread, biscuits or steamed bread, should be consumed.

If the symptoms of hypoglycemia or coma can not be alleviated after eating, the patients should be sent to the emergency department of the hospital as soon as possible, and the medical staff should be informed about the medication of the patients.

In the process of using insulin pen, please read the relevant instructions carefully and use the precautions, constantly groping, so that the insulin injection pen will become a powerful weapon in your battle against diabetes!