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Common Problems in the Use of Insulin Pen

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Whether the insulin pen and the insulin pen core can choose different brands or not: the use of various injection pens is slightly different, different types of insulin should be used with the corresponding injection pen, can not be mixed.

Shake well before injection of premixed insulin: before using premixed insulin, the insulin pen should be inverted up and down about 10 times to make the liquid fully blended, because premixed insulin contains both short-acting insulin and medium-acting insulin, inadequate mixing will lead to inaccurate injection concentration of insulin, serious hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia, affecting blood sugar control.

Exhaust before each injection of insulin: In addition to the replacement of insulin pen core and needle, it is also necessary to exhaust before each injection. If you are worried about the waste of the liquid, it is also possible to exhaust one unit at a time until the insulin droplets are discharged from the needle.

What to do about needle leak: In order to prevent needle leak after needle withdrawal, special attention should be paid to the needle should stay under the skin for 5-6 seconds after injection, and continue to press the push button until the needle is completely pulled out, so as to ensure accurate dosage and prevent the body fluid from flowing back into the needle or pencil core.