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Choice of Insulin Pen

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How to Install Insulin Pen Correctly

"If you want to be good at your job, you must first use the right tools." Only when you install them correctly, can you use them correctly. Here, you first have a brief understanding of the general installation steps of insulin pens.

First, unscrew the pen cap and the pen core frame.

Determine the base position of the push rod in the injection pen.

Check whether the insulin pen core is damaged and swing it upside down several times to make the insulin in the pen core distribute evenly.

Put the pen core into the pen core frame and tighten it.

Install needles and set aside.

General Method of Use of Insulin Pen

It is very important for us to use the insulin pen correctly and make it work best. Please read the product instructions carefully when you use the insulin pen.

Insulin pen core is loaded into insulin pen, and it is not replaced until the pen core is used up.

Install the needle and pull out the needle cap and put it aside.

For the first time, it is necessary to fill the needle with insulin. The method is to inject 1-2 units of insulin into the air by the needle. Seeing insulin flowing out of the needle indicates that the needle is full of insulin.

Adjust the number of units of insulin you want to inject from the back end of the pen.

Insulin was injected at the selected site, and the needle was pulled out after 5 to 6 seconds.

Cover the needle cap and end the injection.