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How long does growth hormone therapy usually take?

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Because of its relatively high price, and as the weight increases, the cost will further increase, so the course of treatment is also an important issue. Generally speaking, at the beginning of GHT, the growth of height is significant, but with the prolongation of treatment time, the growth rate of height gradually tends to be normal. When the growth of height is less than 2.5 cm per year, prolonging the medication time will not improve the height greatly, that is, it is time to terminate the treatment. Of course, if adverse reactions occur in the course of treatment, after weighing the pros and cons, early termination of treatment can be considered.
In general, in the process of replenishing growth hormone, regular follow-up visits to the hospital, monitoring the growth of height and weight, periodically reviewing bone age and related hormone levels, alerting the occurrence of adverse reactions, adjusting drug dosage according to the situation, can achieve maximum benefit.


Don't ignore "rare"
Students, in the eyes of most parents, it does not matter that children grow short when they are young. As long as nutrition is strengthened during puberty, they can make a great leap in height. Especially for parents who are on the high school side, it is easier to ignore this problem, so that the precious time of treatment is delayed.
Early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment are necessary for the treatment of children with growth hormone deficiency. During the treatment period, first of all, we should follow the doctor's instructions, conscientiously implement the treatment plan, and go to the hospital on time for review. In normal life, we should ensure adequate nutrition, eat more vegetables, fruits and supplement various vitamins and minerals reasonably. Increase sports activities, especially lower limb exercises, should be guaranteed about 20 minutes a day, because lower limb exercises can promote the growth of long osteochondrocyte division, which is very beneficial to height growth.
In addition, we should also ensure adequate sleep, about 9 hours of high-quality sleep every night, in order to ensure that exogenous growth hormone can play the largest physiological role.

Special reminder:
However, some illegal businessmen in the society have set up a series of commercial traps, especially the commercial traps implied in some advertisements. Many parents and children have been deceived. For example, the function of health food approved by the Ministry of Health has not been increased at all, but the health products that have been advertised on the market have been increased. Meet the eye everywhere:
1. In order to exaggerate the so-called curative effect, some businessmen set their own height standards or secretly adjusted the scale; then they invited so-called "celebrities" to promote their products through fictional plots or stories;
2. The "beneficiaries" in many advertisements are often "nurseries" paid by manufacturers.
3. Some advertisements dramatically increase the effect, such as 20-year-olds in two or three months height soared by 10 centimeters, in fact, it is only a masterpiece of computer special effects;
4. Others use the natural law of human growth to "transfer flowers to meet trees". For example, normal people are 1-2 centimeters taller in the morning than in the afternoon. Businessmen measure their height in the afternoon. After medication, they let patients measure their height in the morning. Thus, the fluctuation of height itself becomes the "great curative effect" widely promoted by manufacturers.

5. Adolescent children themselves increase at a rate of more than 4-6 centimeters per year, but some manufacturers say that growing children is the therapeutic effect of heightening drugs.
6. Some "heightening" products even add sex hormones. Although they can increase the height of children in a short time, sex hormones accelerate epiphyseal healing, which will affect the final height of children. This is similar to "drinking Poinsettia to quench thirst". If parents and children are "tall" and obsessed, or even take bad measures, eventually causing physical deformity or disability, they regret it. Late.