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Advantages of insulin pen

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1. It is convenient to avoid the cumbersome process of extracting insulin from an insulin bottle by a syringe. Patients go out without a syringe, insulin bottles, disinfectant cotton and a lot of other things, but only a small "pen" can be.
2. The process of insulin injection is simpler and more concealed, which can avoid the embarrassment of insulin injection in public. Someone even finished insulin injection with one hand under the table, but the people at the table did not notice it.
3, it is convenient to inject insulin for the sick eyesight and even blind patients. We know that poor eyesight can't use syringes to extract insulin and give them an injection. Because the insulin pen is easy to operate, and the dose setting is a clear "click" sound, so even if poor vision, after training can also be used for insulin pen injection.
4, insulin dosage is more precise, can be adjusted by 1 units of insulin dose. The syringe is usually as small as 2 units.
5. Basically painless, its needle is thinner than a special insulin syringe needle, and some patients believe that there is no pain after use.