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How to use insulin pen correctly?

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1. For lean patients, 45-degree needle insertion should be considered (or 31G*5mm or 32G*6mm needle may be selected).
2. The injection site, to avoid the same place (about 2 *2 cm area) in a month for two or more injections.
3. If the abdomen and the lateral thigh are injected alternately, appropriate hot compress should be applied to the intermittent parts to avoid induration.
4, do not injecting in the hard part.

How to use insulin pen correctly?

5. Details of injection techniques:
A, pinch the skin (pinch the strength of the hand should be appropriate, not too tight) B, 45 degree needle insertion (needle insertion generally emphasizes fast forward, occasional experience is not necessary, slow needle insertion should be able to better avoid needle breakage accident. To avoid pain, you can try needling on the tip of the needle first, and change the position when you encounter too much pain.
C, push the medicine (this should be a bit slower).
D. Pushing medicine and gradually relaxing and squeezing the skin properly (this step is the key point, we need to pay attention to "gradually relaxing properly", not just relaxing, not completely letting go).
E and needle are usually emphasized, and my experience is not necessary. The needle should be taken out in the opposite direction of the needle. Do not distort the needle. One is to avoid enlarging the wound. The other is to avoid breaking the needle.

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