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Remember that diabetic patients cannot use the pen needle repeatedly

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For diabetics, injecting insulin is one of the necessary homework every day. Although it seems simple, in fact, injecting insulin is also particular about it. Some sugar friends think about saving and will use the injection repeatedly when using the insulin pen. Needle, but don't know that it will bring bad results, which may be life-threatening. Let Zhang Jing, director of the Department of Endocrinology, Jinan Diabetes Hospital, tell you about the precautions for using insulin pen in diabetic patients.

Injection pen,Insulin Pen

Tangyue Mo repeatedly uses injection needles

Reuse of non-standard injections such as needles for injection pens, non-standard rotation of injection sites, etc. is a common problem in patients with insulin injection.

Director Zhang Jing said that taking the injection pen needles as an example, the insulin pen needles and insulin syringes on the market are designed and manufactured in accordance with the standard for one-time use. Therefore, in the insulin injection treatment, the insulin pen needles and the Change the insulin syringes one at a time.

Repeated use will cause needle blockage, which will prevent insulin from being injected directly into the body. In particular, elderly patients who feel relatively insensitive, if this situation is not detected in time, it will lead to the phenomenon of 'short shots'. In the long run, diabetes cannot be effectively treated with drugs, which causes blood sugar to rise rapidly, which accelerates the deterioration of the disease and endangers patients' lives.

九 Insulin injection standard nine steps:

1. Wash your hands before injection.

2, check the type of insulin and injection dose.

3. Install insulin refill.

4. Premixed insulin needs to be thoroughly mixed.

5. Install needle for insulin injection pen.

6, check the injection site and disinfection.

7, according to the length of the needle for insulin injection pen to determine whether the skin pinching and needle angle.

8. After the injection is completed, the needle stays for at least 10 seconds before pulling out.

9. After completion, put on the outer needle cap to remove the needle from the injection pen, and discard it in a hard shell container with a lid.

 "Rules" for injection and storage

In addition to selecting the correct injection site and using a special insulin syringe, you must also use the insulin dosage form and dosage specified by your doctor. Check the insulin dosage form and expiration date before each injection. When using mixed insulin, draw short-acting, then medium- or long-acting. The mixed insulin must be injected immediately.

Do not do all kinds of housework while waiting for a meal after insulin injection to prevent hypoglycemia due to excessive exercise or delayed meals. Director Zhang Jing introduced: Do not rub the injection site vigorously after injection to avoid insulin absorption too fast. Use an insulin pen for injection. The needle should stay under the skin for a few seconds to keep the insulin fully injected subcutaneously. Used syringes and needles should be discarded in a container for sharp objects, which should be kept out of children's reach.

In the case of unopened insulin, the best storage method is to refrigerate at 2 ℃ ~ 8 ℃. In this case, bottled insulin and refill insulin can be stored for two and a half years. Many patients keep the insulin and injection pens in the refrigerator. In fact, the insulin used in the insulin pens is not recommended to be put in the refrigerator because it will have some effects on the insulin pens. Therefore, the insulin pen and the insulin inside should be stored outside the refrigerator. The insulin at room temperature of 25 ° C can also be stored for 4 to 6 weeks, and the insulin in the pen will be used up quickly, so the patient need not worry about the insulin in the insulin pen. . If the temperature does exceed 30 ° C, it can be stored in an insulated bag.

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