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By injecting insulin to lose weight

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It affects hormones produced in the gut and helps regulate hunger and satiety, so that it slows gastric emptying and helps reduce the urge to eat new substances.
The drug was developed by the Danish company to stimulate pancreatic beta cell production in patients with more insulin and type 2 diabetes, thereby reducing the possibility of hormone injections to control blood sugar.
The base of the 18 mg drug for the liraglutide pen was subcutaneously applied and a maximum of three mg was progressively prescribed from 0.6 mg per week.
The cost of the drug is 1050 peso in Mexico, and its approximate time is five weeks. It should be noted that the attending physician should make the necessary adjustments to the dosage of the patient, based on the evaluation of the step-by-step drug use, especially insulin or oral drugs such as metformin.
The academy adds that although the drug's physiological effects are satiated and proven to be effective in weight loss, nutritional care and physical activity should not be overlooked.