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Why do we need to supplement growth hormone?

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If the pituitary gland can be restored to function, secreting abundant growth hormone, although slightly worse than the peak at 25 years old, but enough to nourish the various organs and tissues, so that the function has been fatigued, or in youth when the organs and tissues of poor development, again sound. Therefore, patients with lung disease, stomach disease, high cholesterol, blood sugar is different from the normal people, all because of the abundant growth hormone to improve, heal. And for men's testicles and women's ovaries moisturize, and then promote the male hormones and female hormones, increase the male and female charm. Male beer belly (Zhongguang stature), female lower abdomen, thigh fat, double chin can be balanced by male and female hormones, so that the body fat is not easy to gather, and a symmetrical, healthy body, especially postpartum women, muscle relaxation, but also rely on growth hormone to help restore a strong body, elastic skin, menopause Early women (e.g. 45-50) may benefit from a return to menstrual recovery as ovarian function is restored and strengthened - osteoporosis, no aches and pains; dry wrinkled skin is restored to its brightness.

Adolescents aged 5-30 years old, male and female, if shorter than normal, can be stimulated by growth hormone abundant skeletal tissue, promote the development of dry bone, increased month by month. At the same time, strengthen the development of muscles, so that the chest protruding, and get the shape of concave convex. But remember, the growth hormone is circulating from 11 to 4 in the morning. If you stay up late or miss the above time of sleep, you will not be able to obtain the growth hormone secreted by the body naturally, can not improve the situation of physical damage, so the need for foreign HGH Enhancer (growth hormone promoter) to supplement. HGH Enhancer (growth hormone stimulant) stimulates brain dropptosis to produce abundant growth hormone. This increased hormone is self-made, secreted, non-repulsive, does not cause changes in cell tissue, resulting in cancer fear side effects. Various chronic diseases caused by aging, such as vision loss, osteoporosis, cardiac dysfunction, obesity, hand and foot paralysis, tinnitus, palpitations, fatigue and so on, can be significantly improved.