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Detailed introduction of insulin pen

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Classification of insulin pen from function
Reusable insulin pen: When the core is used up, replace the core and reuse it. The insulin pen can be used for many years, even for life. At present, this insulin pen can be bought in our country.
Disposable insulin pens: Some insulin pens are disposable. When they are used up, they are thrown away with the pen core and replaced with a new pen. This type of insulin pen is simple and hygienic. At present, there are fewer insulin pens in China.
Classification of insulin pen from manufacturers
Insulin pen (Becton Dickinson)
Automatic insulin pen Autopen (Owen Mumford)
The appearance and operation of insulin pens of different brands are different. Patients should purchase insulin pens according to the instructions and learn how to operate with the help of medical staff.
Treatment plan editor
Scenario 1: insulin 30R therapy (most commonly used)
Premixed insulin is the most commonly used dosage form of insulin pen. At present, 30R premixed insulin is widely used in our country. This pen uses 30R pen core, which is imported insulin. The refill is 300 units per unit. Insulin 30R contains 30% short acting insulin R and 70% medium efficiency insulin N. Therefore, it is often used before and after meals (two times a day) by subcutaneous injection. 30% short-acting insulin R before breakfast can control blood sugar level after breakfast, while 70% medium-acting insulin N can control blood sugar during lunch and afternoon. Insulin 30R for dinner, of which short-acting R can control blood sugar after dinner, while medium-acting N can control blood sugar levels at night and at night. Breakfast and dinner were generally assigned to 2/3 for breakfast and 1/3 for dinner.
2 times daily insulin pen injection 30R insulin treatment plan:
Morning: the total dose of 2/3 is late: the total dose of 1/3
Monitor blood glucose, adjust 2 units at a time.
Scenario two: insulin 50R therapy
Use premixed 50R insulin pen: Nuo Ling 50R refill. The difference between the method and premixed insulin 30R is that the proportion of short-acting insulin R is 50%, and the remaining 50% is effective insulin N.  Therefore, its short-term hypoglycemic effect is strong, and is suitable for those who are not well controlled by 30R after meal. Because medium N components are relatively less effective, it is possible to control blood sugar at noon, afternoon and night.
Scenario three: insulin N therapy
Use medium effect N insulin pen: for Nuo Ling N refill. It is not easy to control the rapid rise of postprandial blood sugar because of the absence of short-acting insulin when only moderate-acting insulin is used.  Therefore, the use of this insulin pen is often in the following two situations:
Type 2 diabetes has poor glycemic control. The insulin pen with medium effect N is added on the basis of oral medication. You can do it 1 times a night or 2 times a day.
- combined with another short acting R insulin pen.
Scenario four: insulin R therapy
Use short acting R insulin pen: Nuo Ling R refill. Short-acting insulin has short action time and good effect in controlling blood sugar of three meals. Therefore, it is necessary to inject it before three meals. In order to control blood sugar at night, it is often necessary to inject it once before going to bed or use it in combination with an effective N-insulin pen.
Shortcoming editor
1. Insulin pen itself needs more than 200 yuan to buy, but special insulin pen core is needed. Ordinary insulin can not be used in pen. At present, there are only insulin pen cores made abroad in our country. The price of insulin pen cores is more expensive than that of ordinary insulin pen cores.
2. When considering the cost, patients should also consider that if they use insulin pens, they will be exempted from the cost of lifelong purchase of plastic syringes.
3. When a patient needs a mixture of two kinds of insulin (e.g. Novolin R + Novolin N or euclidine R + euclidine N), the insulin pen cannot be completed at one time. At this time, it is best to have two pens injecting each other, causing inconvenience to the sick friend. In this case, the premixed Insulin Novolin 30R or Youbilin 30R core is often used instead, which can be completed at one time. Generally speaking, one insulin uses an insulin pen. So when you want to use an insulin pen to treat diabetes, it's better for your doctor to adjust your insulin regimen to use only one insulin, such as premixed insulin 30R or 50R, because premixed insulin contains both short-acting insulin R and medium-acting insulin N.
4. This kind of insulin pen and core has not been popularized in our country yet. Therefore, you may not be able to buy insulin pen core in some areas. When you go out for a long time, you need to bring enough insulin pen core. Inconvenience to patients.
Merit editing
1. It is convenient to avoid the cumbersome process of extracting insulin from an insulin bottle by a syringe. Instead of carrying syringes, insulin bottles, sterile cotton wool and a lot of other things, a patient can take a small "pen" with him when he goes out.
2. The process of insulin injection is simpler and more concealed, which can avoid the embarrassment of patients injecting insulin in public.  Someone even finished insulin injection with one hand under the table, but the people at the table did not notice it.
3, it is convenient to inject insulin for the sick eyesight and even blind patients. We know that poor eyesight can't use syringes to extract insulin and give them an injection. Because the insulin pen is simple to operate, and the dose setting is clear "click" sound, so even if the vision is poor, after training can also be used for insulin pen injection.
4, insulin dosage is more precise, can be adjusted by 1 units of insulin dose. The syringe is generally minimal and accurate to 2 units.
5. Basically painless, the needle is thinner than the needle of the special insulin syringe. Some patients think that the needle is better than the needle of the special insulin syringe.